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Changing the DVD Image option

This setting will only affect anamorphic DVDs played on a 4:3 (1.33:1) TV. This setting should not affect widescreen or letterboxed DVDs.

To change the DVD Image option, follow these steps:

Note: This option is not always available in the menu. It will appear only when the "Widescreen TV" is set to "No (4:3)." Make sure your TV is on with the correct input selected.

on the remote, press system.

press the right arrow to highlight the "video" icon and press enter.

press the down arrow to highlight "dvd image" and press enter.

use the up arrow and down arrow to toggle between "modified" and "original" and press enter to confirm your selection.

press exit to leave the menu.

The "Original" option will allow the anamorphic image to pass without adding black bars above or below the picture. An unmodified anamorphic picture will appear to be vertically stretched (i.e., everything will look tall and skinny).

The "Modified" option will add bars above and below the anamorphic picture, so that it does not look appear stretched.

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